Enter Inferno Halloween Drag Show @ Carnglaze Caverns 2023

The 'seven deadly sins' who play the 'Enter Inferno' show on Friday 27 October 23. Collage courtesy of the House of Damnation team

This event has finished

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In Brief

Name: ‘Enter Inferno’ Halloween Drag Show 2023 — THIS HAS BEEN CANCELLED
Date: Friday 27 October 2023
Time: 8pm til late (Doors open 6pm for VIP and 7pm for other ticketholders)
Type: It was to be a WORLD-FIRST drag show held in Cornish caves for Halloween 2023
Suitable for: Over-18s only who wanted to catch seven talented artists inside famous caverns
Location: Carnglaze Caverns, St Neot, near Liskeard
Price: No tickets available now as this show has been cancelled. Click on the ‘website’ link for official details


A world first is happening at Carnglaze Caverns near Liskeard during the 2023 Halloween weekend in Cornwall. Well, it’s believed to be a world first, at least: an underground drag show over one exclusive night inside famously atmospheric subterranean caves!

The ‘Enter Inferno’ drag show runs from 8pm on Friday 27 October 2023. The doors open between 6pm and 7pm for those with VIP entry and ‘Meet and Greet’ tickets, however, for everyone else, they open at 7pm ahead of the 8pm show.

And what a show it’s going to be! ‘Enter Inferno’, which is strictly for over-18s only, will make for a few hours of horrifically good fun inside the chilling atmosphere of the caves. It promises to be hot, hot, hot too in this world-first unique event!

‘Seven deadly sins’ perform on the night. And by that we mean seven devilishly talented artists: the wickedly cheeky Object, the frighteningly quick-witted Evilyn Carnate, the glamorous Roxie Moron, Baguette Be Not, Mason Edwards, Bludreamercosplays and, last but certainly not least, the bloodcurdlingly seductive Rhianna Rocket.

The show may be hosted by Carnglaze Caverns but it is being presented by new Cornwall-based business, House of Damnation, which is looking to put on regular drag shows and much more in Cornwall in the future. Will they all be as unique as this one? Well, maybe. Putting a first show on inside famous caverns shows how the team are already coming up with, well, quirky and fun event ideas…

One of the organisers from House of Damnation, Elliot Welsh, says: “Our aim is to become a Community Interest Company (CIC) and help support performance artists in Cornwall’s LGBTQ+ community. We want to provide these artists with a platform and a network which supports their development.

“With that in mind, we have organised ‘Enter Inferno’ as both a celebration of Halloween and as a celebration of our talented performers here in Cornwall. It takes place at Carnglaze Caverns on Friday 27 October 2023 and we believe it’s officially the world’s first drag show to happen inside a real-life cave!

“Want to see something you’ve never seen before? An event that’s not afraid to push boundaries and challenge stereotypes? If you’re looking for a night of entertainment that’s alternative, edgy and just plain fun, then this is for you! We see no better way to spend Halloween 2023 than descending into the depths in Cornwall… literally!”

The fact this show is so unique as it takes place inside a beautifully lit cave should attract plenty of people to enjoy the laughs, japes, jokes and heckling. So, be damned in the Duchy when you catch this daring, different and demonically delicious drag show inside one of Cornwall’s most famous caves just before Halloween 2023.

Expecting something to go bump on the night? Well, expect all sorts of frightening fun as you Enter the Inferno with seven wonderfully talented but deadly sins on Friday 27 October 2023…