Perranporth Beach

In Brief

Name: Perranporth Beach (or Perran Sands)
Suitable for: People who like a side dish of activity with their sandy mains
Location: Perranporth, just south of Newquay
Parking: Plenty of parking in Perranporth town, next to the beach
Dog friendly?: All year round but dogs must be on leads during July and August

Legend has it that St Piran, who is generally regarded as the patron saint of Cornwall, was washed up on Perranporth Beach – otherwise known as Perran Sands – after being thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck in his native Ireland. Certainly St Piran, known as Cornwall’s merriest, hardest drinking and hardest living holy man in history, would probably approve of his landing place today because in recent years, Perranporth Beach has become one of Cornwall’s most popular coastal hotspots, seeing crowds amassing on the sands during the summer.

Much of the atmosphere at Perranporth Beach happens at the lively Perranporth town end of the sands. Here, there is a youthful vibe and there is also a selection of quirky stores, hip coffee shops and busy pubs. There’s always something happening in this town, which also houses the only full-time beach bar in the UK.

The lively beach bum vibe of Perranporth is only half of the story however. At low tide, it connects to Penhale Sands, creating a huge golden beach that stretches for two miles across a western-facing section of the north coast. This means that for those who like a quiet day at the beach, there’s plenty of space to escape the crowds and find a spot of solitude.

As you’d expect from somewhere so popular, the beach is patrolled by lifeguards in the summer but there are notoriously dangerous undercurrents here so it is essential to stay within the patrolled areas if venturing into the water. Perranporth is also a popular surf beach, picking up plenty of swell. Its shallow sloping bottom means that the waves here are gentle and rolling, so it is great for beginners and intermediates.

Perranporth is not only a place etched into Cornish folklore due to that famous saint. It’s a beach that has something for everyone. Enjoy a legendary day here!