Treyarnon Bay Beach

In Brief

Suitable for: Surfers, sunbathers, mini rock pool explorers and their families
Location: Treyarnon seafront, off the B3276 at St Merryn, between Newquay and Padstow, also near Wadebridge
Parking: Decent car park next to the beach. Fills up quick in summer though so get there early
Dog friendly?: Yes, throughout the year

‘Aint nuffin’ better than goin’ down Treyarnon Bay on a sunny Sunday mornin’. Not sure why the accent there but, ah, we just get excited about going to Treyarnon Bay on Sunday mornings. Or any morning, for that matter. Oh hell, at any time of any day, the beach here is beautiful and so are the waves if you’re into surfing. This is a real Proper Cornwall favourite.

Treyarnon Bay Beach, which is on the other side of the pretty Trevose Head to Harlyn Bay on the northern coastline between Newquay and Padstow, is north-west facing and surrounded by some low cliffs. There’s a handful of sand dunes at the back of this soft and sandy beach which is popular with surfers who just love catching those epic north coast waves. Families and sunbathers also like it here too, though, as the stretch is spacious and the vistas are fine, particularly on a sunny day. But yeah, if you’re a surfer, we recommend Treyarnon between mid and high tide as you can get a decent swell out there.

Kids also love it here. There’s plenty of sand to muck about in and there’s a load of rock pools at one side of the beach which are home to crabs, little fish and other marine creatures that youngsters love to collect in their buckets. There’s actually a natural pool you can sort of swim in within some of the rocks on the beach’s north end. And there’s acres of space out there on the sand for the little ones to run on.

Just to the north of Treyarnon Bay is Constantine Bay, which is also a pretty fine beach. It’s only a short walk between both. There’s a small shop selling anything from souvenirs to buckets and spades, as well as some toilets at the top of the Treyarnon Bay Beach. There’s also a decent car park next to the beach but beware: on sunny summer days, it can fill up quick, so get a space early doors. Lifeguard cover is in full swing between May and September, so swimming is of course a recommended activity, and there are sand chairs available for disabled visitors. Dogs are allowed on the beach all year, which is a bony bonus.

Whether you’re a dog, a surfer, a little rock pool explorer or just someone in need of some sunshine and space, Treyarnon Bay Beach is a must-experience. It gets the Proper Cornwall seal of approval for sure. Especially on a sunny Sunday mornin’.