In Brief

Classification: Town
Twinned with: Bad Bederkesa in Lower Saxony, Germany; Grass Valley in California, USA; and Le Ralecq-Kerhuon in Brittany, France
Population: 14,736 in 2011
Notable former residents: Watchmaker and inventor John Arnold and playwright Nick Darke
Films shot in town: ‘Swept from the Sea’ (1997) and TV series ‘The Magical Land of the Leprechauns’ (1999)
Interesting factoid: The Beast of Bodmin, a black panther-like cat, is said to roam this area although if you ever spot it, it’ll likely be on the prowl on Bodmin Moor rather than in the town!


Pretty much at the centre of Cornwall is this popular place on the edge of the famous Bodmin Moor. This former county town is the beating heart of Cornwall, steeped in history and full of both modern and old-world charm. There are many striking granite buildings that add to this charm alongside plenty of great shops, eateries, pubs and galleries. Also spot the seven holy wells dotted around the streets and seek ye the impressive (and famous) beacon above the town too. There’s also myth and legend in the air as the famous Beast of Bodmin Moor supposedly lurks on the nearby moorland, plus Bodmin Jail in the centre of town is full of its own spooky legends. The walks and cycling trails from the town are numerous and take you out across the county in all directions. Basically, if you come to Cornwall then you must visit this popular place. That’s no legend. That’s a fact.