The Old Workshop Charlestown

In Brief

Type: Historical home of three arts and crafts businesses
Suitable for: History buffs and arty types
Address: Charlestown Harbour, Charlestown Road, Charlestown, near St Austell
Price: Free entry
Dog friendly?: Yes and no (call ahead and ask!)

One historic building in the heart of one historic village on Cornwall’s south coast that’s home to three fascinating arts and crafts businesses. The Old Workshop Charlestown in, unsurprisingly, Charlestown near St Austell, is well worth visiting if you’re wandering this famous harbour and port that’s been the location of countless films and TV shows.

The Old Workshop Charlestown’s building, which is situated next to Charlestown’s main car park, was actually converted from an old gunpowder store that had been constructed in the early 19th century. This makes for a pretty interesting historical building to tour. And what makes it better is what’s inside. The store was refurbished and is now home to Cscape Art, Sail Loft Emporium and The Craft Kiln, each of which is open every day between April and October, and open Wednesday to Sunday out of season. Normally. Basically, check out the opening times when out of season.

Cscape Art is a gallery and studio run by artist Sarah Blakey and photographer Mick Blakey. Their wares, including some pretty special Cornish landscape photos and Cornish seascape paintings, are on display throughout. The Sail Loft Emporium is home to antiques, vintages, collectibles and retro objects, from jewellery and coins to kitchenware and furniture. It’s well worth a wander as there are plenty of displays laid out, including items like decorative antique vases and wartime memorabilia. And finally, The Craft Kiln showcases handmade Cornish craft products like prints, feltwork, soaps and glassware. All local and all top quality.

So, if you’re heading to the most star-studded harbour in Cornwall for a wander then we recommend popping into The Old Workshop Charlestown for a browse, even if it’s just for a chance to walk around a converted historical gunpowder store. You may see something you like on the way. It’s worth a shot, at least.