Nanjizal Beach

In Brief

Suitable for: Beauty lovers who like a walk
Location: An hour’s walk from Trevescan, near Porthcurno and Penzance
Parking: In Trevescan, an hour’s walk away
Dog friendly?: Yes

Nanjizal Beach, which sits on the coast between Land’s End and Porthcurno, near Penzance, is a hidden gem. Not hidden in the way that no-one knows about it because it is pretty famous for its beauty. But hidden in the way that it’s often deserted due to its distance from any road or car park. In fact, it’s quite a walk to get there, taking up to an hour from the hamlet of Trevescan. But it’s worth the effort.

The biggest attraction at Nanjizal, which is also known as Mill Bay, is that 100m-high arch that’s more like a long slit between remarkable natural stone sculptures. Known as the ‘Song of the Sea’, it is super-photogenic and frames this secluded spot perfectly. There’s also the ‘Diamond Horse’ cliff here that was named due to its equine-like formation and its quartz veins that light up like diamonds when the sun hits. Finally, the freshwater waterfalls can take your breath away and there are plenty of caves to explore at low tide.

Okay, the golden sands are hardly plentiful at Nanjizal. They come and go, so it’s likely it’ll be mostly rocks on your visit. But this isn’t a beach to relax on. It’s a beach to explore. Seals are regularly spotted here out in the sea. Plus, for the sci-fi nerds, Nanjizal was the setting for a few ‘Doctor Who’ scenes in 1966. There’s no lifeguard cover, of course, but dogs are allowed down on the beach at any time. But it’s unlikely they’ll enjoy the same experience as you do when you see that arch, that diamond horse, the waterfalls and the views out to sea. Once you’ve photographed all the beauty, enjoy the long walk back. You never know, you may see someone else on your journey. But it’s unlikely as Nanjizal is a true secluded gem.