Pedn Vounder Beach

Image: IG chrisfletcherphotography

In Brief

Suitable for: Nature lovers and stargazers
Location: Next to Porthcurno Beach, Porthcurno
Parking: In Treen, 10 minutes walk, or walk from Porthcurno at low tide
Dog friendly?: Yes

Hawaii? Fiji? The Philippines? Surely these places boast the most beautiful beaches in the world. Well, yes they do but Cornwall can give them a good run for their money. Especially when it comes to the natural allure of Pedn Vounder Beach.

Pedn Vounder sits next to Porthcurno Beach, at the foot of Porthcurno village, not too far from Penzance. In fact, at low tide you can walk between the beaches of Pedn Vounder and Porthcurno. Both are stunning beaches but there’s something a little lesser-known and secluded about Pedn Vounder. Crystal clear and turquoise waters await next to beautiful white sands, all framed by sheer rugged cliffs.

We call Pedn Vounder the eighth wonder of the world. Well, that’s not true. We actually call it the eighth best beach in the world because that’s what the Big 7 Travel team labelled it as in July 2022 as they ranked their 50 top stretches of sand globally. And it’s not the first time it’s been given such an honour on an international scale. It’s won plaudits over many years and that’s the reason that people come from far and wide to take in that unrivalled view and dip in those heavenly waters. Be warned however, there is danger amongst all that beauty. The beach has no lifeguards and there have been several fatalities over the years after swimmers have been caught in the strong rip currents that lurk out in the bay. We’d also caution that access to the beach requires climbing down some very steep rocks that will not be suitable unless you’re very firm on your feet.

‘Pedn’ means end in Cornish and a ‘vounder’ is a lane, so you really are at the end of the lane on this beach. And at the end of the end of the lane is the famous Logan Rock that juts out at the headland to the east of the area. This is a heavy rectangular block of granite that can actually be rocked by anyone who wants to do such an activity.

Okay, it’s less secluded than it used to be at Pedn Vounder since word got out, no less because it was filmed in the more recent TV adaptation of ‘Poldark’. But that doesn’t matter because it’s worth heading here for its stunning beauty. There’s no lifeguard cover, though, and it’s actually an unofficial naturist beach, if that tickles your fancy. But the sands are perfect, the skies regularly offer a fab night of stargazing, the sea is clear and great for swimming in and the views are spectacular. No, we’re not talking about the naturist element. We’re talking about those stunning cliffs that are like no other…