Porthcurno Beach

In Brief

Suitable for: Families and couples
Location: Porthcurno, on the edge of the village near the Minack Theatre
Parking: Plenty of parking above the beach
Dog friendly?: Yes, apart from the summer months

Cornwall is rich with beautiful beaches. But Porthcurno Beach is a particular treasure for the eyes with its white sands, clear blue waters and granite cliff backdrop. Welcome to one of the county’s most Insta-worthy sandy stretches.

Porthcurno Beach, which is on the edge of Porthcurno village, just down the road from communications attraction PK Porthcurno and next to the picturesque Minack Theatre, is a gem. The sand, which is made up of seashells that have been broken into minute pieces, is simply gorgeous and the high cliffs are rugged and shelter this area perfectly from the winds. There’s a cute stream that flows through the beach that kids love splashing in and the waves are always fine but can be dangerous at high tide.

Lifeguard cover is at hand during the summer months and dogs are welcome to use Porthcurno Beach apart from in the summer season. A large car park above the beach provides ample parking. Down on the sands at low tide, you can actually walk to the neighbouring Pedn Vounder beach and if you look up towards Minack Theatre you can spot an odd building near a path that was created by Minack founder Rowena Cade as a small playhouse for kids. There’s a lot to spot around here but your best bet is to find some space, lay down and enjoy those soft, soft sands before taking a dip in those crystal clear waters that turn a beautiful shade of turquoise when the sunshine hits the ocean.

Porthcurno Beach is popular with families and couples due to the romantic beauty this sandy stretch serves up. Surfers often grace the waves here but it’s not as good as Cornwall’s famous north coast beaches. Porthcurno is really all about the relaxation, the sumptuous sand and water, and the incredible photogenic beauty all around.