Tintagel Beach

In Brief

Suitable for: Explorers looking for the most magical sands in Tintagel
Location: Next to Tintagel Castle, Castle Road, Tintagel
Parking: There are pay and display car parks in the village, 600m up the road. Allow some time to walk to the beach and descend that cliff
Dog friendly?: Yes, throughout the year

‘Tis a magical place is Tintagel Beach. No, it really is, thanks to Merlin’s Cave just to the south, which goes about 300 feet underneath the legendary Tintagel Castle above. You can read all about the mystical Merlin’s Cave here, about Tintagel Castle here and about the beautiful village of Tintagel here. As for the beach, though, well, you’ll read it here first…

Tintagel Beach is technically called Tintagel Haven Beach. It’s sometimes referred to as Merlin’s Cove. However, it’s become known as Tintagel Beach by some over the years or simply as ‘that little beach next to Merlin’s Cave‘. Whatever you call it, it’s at the bottom of the valley that runs past the castle, underneath the spectacular bridge that reunited the two separated halves of Tintagel Castle in 2019. In fact, the beach is really in the shadow of the castle but that doesn’t stop it getting hot and sunny on a decent summer’s day.

Okay, it’s a bit of a scramble to get down to the beach along the cliff path, descending a fair few steps along the way, so make sure you have the legs for it. Also make sure you do it at low tide as the soft sands and shingle pretty much disappear at high tide. To the north of the beach is an idyllic little waterfall which is formed by a stream that runs down the valley. That’s worth exploring, as are the rock pools around the site. You may even want a sunbathe but, to be honest, it’s not that sort of beach.

Dogs are allowed on Tintagel Beach all through the year but there is no lifeguard cover so we would not recommend going for a big swim in these waters. But a quick paddle or a snorkel close to the shore may be worth it as the water is usually clear and blue. And keep your eyes fixed on the waters far out to sea as legend has it that there be grey seals frolicking off the shore. Legend has it that a lot of mystical and important stuff has happened both next to and above this beach, in fact. So roll a stroll on its sands into your next visit to historical Tintagel Castle and Merlin’s Cave. Prepare for an enchanting experience.