Penryn bar: 7 must-tries at Muddy Beach!


In June 2022, the Muddy Beach café and bar in Jubilee Wharf, Penryn, near Falmouth, reopened under new management. And with it came a cool new look and a menu to match. Ever since, the venue, which boasts a ‘formal but not formal’ vibe, has been a must-try for locals, students and visitors. Welcome to one of the best Penryn bars with a stunning river view and some of the best food ‘n’ drink in town. Business partners Ollie Growcott-Smith, a hospitality expert, and Jake Heslip, who has years of kitchen experience, own the place – the second bar the Cornish lads in their early 30s run alongside Falmouth’s Windjammer. They even brought some of their favourite drinks and dishes from the ‘Jammer’ to Muddy Beach. But don’t take our opinion on this exciting café and bar in Penryn. Check out our seven recommendations to try on your next trip to the marvellous Muddy

Sip a couple of Angry Pirates

The cocktail list at Muddy Beach is as extensive as it is well put together. But our favourites (and probably most apt for this part of the world) are the Angry Pirates, which see Peach Schnapps, coconut rum and melon liqueur walk the plank into a swashbucklin’ mix of pineapple juice and lemonade. The mixologist here serves up a pretty polly of a drink and it won’t cost you too many pieces of eight either. In fact, from 5pm until late every Friday night it’s £12 for two of the same cocktails. Oo-arr’ll have a couple of them, mateys!

Sparkle it up!

The champagne at Muddy Beach is top quality Jules Ferand from France. If you have some serious celebrating to do, then you’ll be in the market for a bon bottle of that. But, if you’re not up for splashing out so much, then try the Nua Prosecco from Italy for just £23 a bottle. Rocking in at 11% ABV, this is a quality tipple boasting light aromas and apple and melon flavours that dance a devilish ditty on the tongue. Great for parties, this’ll add a little sparkle to a visit with friends to this place, the best bar in Penryn!

Sup on the Seafood Linguine

Some local mussels and a crab walk into a bar. They meet a group of crayfish and a hot smoked salmon and, well… there’s no joke here. This is simply the basis of the best seafood linguine in Penryn, a pinch at £20 considering the fine ingredients that are used in this creamy dish that boasts a slight kick with chilli and plenty of earth with samphire. Also check out the rest of the menu (the BBQ pulled pork burger is a delight) and look out for the specials as Muddy Beach boasts five or six every day that change with the season. Excellent food consistency throughout the year is a promise made by the owners and the produce, especially the meat and fish, is local, fresh and seasonal.

Start your day with a Muddy Benedict

Muddy Beach was a well-established venue in Penryn, near Falmouth, before the two Cornish lads took over. But Growcott-Smith says it has now ‘gone up a level’ for a few reasons, including the fact that it’s now open seven days a week, from 9am until late every single day. So, yeah, that means breakfast from 9am! And you can’t go wrong with this divine Muddy Benedict, an eggs benedict that uses poached St Mawes hen’s eggs, a toasted muffin, only the finest smoked salmon and a Hollandaise sauce that’ll have you licking your lips for weeks. Also try the Full Cornish Breakfast that comes with a Primrose Herd sausage from Redruth, local bacon, hog’s pudding and loads more besides.

Soak up the sun… alfresco

Possibly Muddy Beach’s jewel in its crown is its balcony that looks over the idyllic Penryn River as it snakes its way out to the Carrick Roads, Fal Estuary and Falmouth itself. So why not sip or sup under the sun as you soak up the venue’s super-chilled atmosphere from an alfresco vantage point? There are plenty of tables outside so make sure you get a great spot and watch the world go by with a coffee, glass of wine, Korean-style steak or even this pair of espresso martinis. That could be you sitting there, next to those cocktails…

Study or work during the day

There’s a real ‘work during the day, chill out in the evening and party at night’ vibe at Muddy Beach. And, yes, we did say ‘work’. The owners have already said that they are ’creating a hub for Penryn locals here’ and are ‘helping to breathe new life into Penryn’. So local businesses have already been holding small meetings in the venue as homemade cakes and quality coffees are served from 9am. Plus, students from the local Penryn campus and, further afield, from Falmouth University itself, have been coming in to study. There’s high-speed WiFi in the building so it’s perfect for working or studying in this chilled environment.

Stay for one of Muddy Beach’s big events!

Muddy Beach can get packed in the summer but thankfully it has a ton of space on its alfresco balcony to cater for large groups. And that’s pretty handy because the venue puts on an array of events throughout the year, especially when the sun is high. Many of its events have a foodie edge, such as its outdoor beach barbecue experiences that give guests a chance to sample only the best in local fish and meat after it has been grilled by the experienced local chefs. In short, watch this space or check out the venue’s official website to find out what’s coming up. Oh, and always head to this place with a full belly. Like everything on the menu here, you won’t be disappointed. Click on the ‘Read More‘ below to find out all the fine details on the marvellous Muddy Beach. Cheers!

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