Lusty Glaze

In Brief

Suitable for: Beach activities or relaxing
Location: Lusty Glaze Road, Newquay
Parking: Car park at the top of the cliffs
Dog friendly?: Yes, apart from summer months on the beach

Fact: some beaches in the UK are privately owned. Another fact: some kind owners nevertheless open their beach to the public at no cost. Yet another fact: Lusty Glaze is one of these beaches and it’s an award winner.

Okay, so Lusty Glaze’s owners have the right to close their beach whenever they want. But it’s usually open and, as a result, has gained a fab reputation over the years. The beach, which is nestled in a cove surrounded by steep cliffs on Newquay’s northern coastline, has won major national awards for literally being the best in the country. Even if you just head to this hotspot for the stunning views and incredible sunsets, it’s well worth it.

Lusty Glaze’s owners have created something special here. There’s a bar and restaurant on the site and also an activity centre on the beach that caters for all sorts of sports, like surfing and abseiling. Sunbathers will get used to looking up at the cliffs and seeing hardy adventurers on ropes negotiating their best way down. Despite this cove appearing fairly small, there’s actually a fair amount of white sandy space here and the waves out to sea aren’t bad either for surfers. There’s lifeguard cover throughout the summer.

Accessing the beach is done down a really steep set of steps and there’s a good car park at the top of the cliff. Another interesting fact: there was actually a working mine at this cove until the late 1800s as this is one of the few coastal beaches in the South West to be rich in iron ore. Now it’s rich with visitors, especially those wanting a good meal or to enjoy the free live music evenings that are held each week throughout the year. On top of this, weddings can be arranged and there’s excellent beachside accommodation available if you get in touch with the owners. But, for many of us, it’s a simple process of descending those steps, enjoying a day of relaxing and activities before catching the inimitable Cornish sunset on one of the UK’s best beaches.