Polperro Beach

In Brief

Suitable for: People who want to sunbathe for a short while and take in the views of Polperro
Location: Right next to the harbour wall at the front of Polperro
Parking: A little tricky as it’s often hard to find a spot in Polperro but there is a car park about a mile up the valley from the centre of the village. Shuttle buses may be running to the beach
Dog friendly?: Yes, apart from between the Easter weekend and 1 October

Why spend a day in Polperro? Well, if you live in this idyllic fishing village on Cornwall’s serene southern coast then that’s obvious. But if you don’t, then you’re probably coming here to admire the quaint streets and whitewashed cottages, to try to excellent pubs and eateries, to wander the boutique shops, to take in the gorgeous seaside vistas and to spend time soaking up a real tranquil Cornish village experience. What you’re probably not doing is heading here to spend a few hours on Polperro Beach.

But why not? Polperro Beach is actually a pretty decent stretch of sand with a little bit of shingle thrown in. Okay, it’s tiny as Cornish beaches go but the sands are soft, the views are marvellous and you’re right down at Polperro‘s seafront, next to the harbour wall, so it’s damn convenient for all those shops and eateries, plus you can sleepily watch the fishing vessels come in and out as you sunbathe in the afternoon heat. Polperro Beach is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the village to allow you some relaxation but you can still hear its hum and know it’s close enough by for when you want a cold beer or a pasty.

The beach is pretty sheltered as it sits under the cliffs by the harbour entrance. But as it’s small in size, it can get busy quickly over the summer so perhaps the best way to do it is get there early, soak up some scenes and some sun, and then do your meandering around Polperro‘s streets in the afternoon. Depends on the time of year and the weather, really. The water is clean enough but it’s not really recommended for a swim here. There’s no lifeguard cover, for a start.

Kids can enjoy a few hours playing on the sand or checking out the cave next to the beach and they will also have a good scavenge around the big rock pool at the foot of Chapel Cliff, which is just around the headland. Plus, Polperro Beach is pretty dog-friendly if you’re outside the seasonal ban that’s in place between Easter and 1 October. There’s easy access to some toilets too, however they haven’t had the best write-up over the past couple of years so be prepared. And, of course, time your few hours on the sand well before the tide returns! Obviously, if it does, there’s always Talland Bay Beach a few miles away, so head there once you’ve enjoyed Polperro and its offerings. There. Polperro Beach is worth enjoying for an hour or two on a hot day. But make sure exploring this Insta-worthy village is your priority.