Cornish Christmas Gift Guide 2022


Stuck for what to buy your friends and family for Christmas 2022 in Cornwall? Well, you’ve come to right place. Here be 12 wonderful Cornish Christmas gift ideas 2022, one for each of the 12 days of Chrimbo. These are artisanal gifts, all created and sold locally, between the Tamar Bridge and Land’s End. Homemade classy jewellery, Cornish chocolate, local rum, a memory game, a 2023 calendar featuring places in Cornwall… these are just fab gift ideas for friends, family and anyone in between. If you see a gift you like then click on the yellow ‘Read More’ button and get ordering! Christmas is getting darn closer every day so be quick…

So you’ve been stressing over what to buy for Christmas in Cornwall 2022 and now you’re here. Or perhaps you’ve been deciding which artisan Cornwall Christmas gifts you’ll be wrapping up this year. It doesn’t matter. The choices below from our team at Proper Cornwall are all produced by Cornish artisanal businesses and brands. It’s our way of supporting Cornwall’s local enterprises at this time of year. These gift ideas are for locals, for all Cornwall lovers across the globe and for anyone else who wants to support the Duchy’s independent, small and mighty brands too. So, here we go. The 12 gifts of Cornwall for 2022 are here…

Game gift: Cornwall Memory Game

On the first day of Christmas…

We buy for our true love (or probably our kids, actually): one Cornwall Memory Game. This is a game for kids and adults who want to have fun and learn about Cornwall and its storied past at the same time. Author and TV producer from Lostwithiel, Merryn Threadgould, created the game which makes for a great Cornish Christmas 2022 gift. She calls it a ‘very challenging pairs game’. We say it’s just good local fun!

Price: £30.

Where to buy: At one of the selected retailers in Cornwall, including at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro, the Museum of Cornish Life in Helston and Wheal Martyn china clay attraction near St Austell. Of course, it’s available from the official website too. Click on the ‘Read More’ below and the official website link is in there.

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Earrings gift: Clay earrings by Sally’s Handmade

On the second day of Christmas…

We buy for the lady in our life: a pair of Sally’s Handmade ‘Christmas Gonk’ clay earrings by artisanal polymer clay earrings maker Sally Abbott. She tells Proper Cornwall that these festive chaps are ‘lightweight and affordable’, plus there are red and blue options, all ‘made with 24k gold stainless steel ball posts and findings’. Abbott is based in Liskeard and is opening a new shop soon in the town so everyone in Cornwall can get the chance to snap up a few of her charismatic earring characters.

Price: £10.

Where to buy: For now, online only. Click on the ‘Read More’ below.

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Sweet treat gift: Chocolate Cornish Pasties by Trenance

On the third day of Christmas…

We get stuck into these delicious Milk Chocolate Cornish Pasties by Mullion-based Trenance Chocolate. Oh, and then we give a box or three out to friends as the perfect sweet Cornish gift. The team at Trenance, which has been producing luxury hand crafted chocolate since 2001, tells us that these are ‘ansum little treats’ which are ‘perfect in every detail’. Proper pasties have been used to create the moulds before they were scaled down. Great for Christmas stockings across the Duchy!

Price: £3.95 per box of nine chocolate pasties.

Where to buy: Either from the company’s own shop in Mullion, which is open seven days a week, from the Great Cornish Food Store in Truro or online from the Trenance website. Either way, click the ‘Read More’ below to head to the official page.

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Christmas jumper gift: ‘Tis the Season to Drink Rattler jumper

On the fourth day of Christmas…

We wear this 2022 limited edition ‘Tis the Season to Drink Rattler Christmas Jumper from Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm near Truro. It’s bright, fun and perfect for fans of Rattler over the festive period. Come on… who doesn’t want Santa in ‘Rattler green’ on their Chrimbo sweater when they’re tucking into their turkey?

Price: £31.50. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL & 4XL, plus it’s machine washable at 30 degrees.

Where to buy: Physically, you can go and buy this jumper from Healey’s. Find out more about the home of Rattler Cornish Cloudy Cyder and the farm attraction: here. Or order your jumper online via the official shop website. Click ‘Read More’ below to take you there…

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Jewellery gift: Cornish Cowrie pendant by Tegen Jewellery

On the fifth day of Christmas…

We buy… FIVE GOLD RINGS! Well, no gold rings actually because we’re going one better than that (we reckon!). Here is ONE CORNISH COWRIE PENDANT! This is an elegant local piece crafted by Tegen Jewellery, based at Perranwell Station near Falmouth. It’s an actual cowrie shell found on Trefusis Beach on the Fal Estuary which has been transformed into a solid sterling silver pendant. Artisan Tegen Foote, who has been creating ‘responsibly sourced’ jewellery for almost a decade, tells us it’s so you ‘always have a bit of Cornwall with you wherever you may be’.

Price: £55. (There are also 9ct gold and hoop earring options available. Check them out online.)

Where to buy: The online store. Click on the ‘Read More’ below.

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Kitchen gift: Dearovim mug from The Cornish Highstreet

On the sixth day of Christmas…

We buy this mug for a Cornish lady with a great sense of humour! ‘Dearovim’ means basically ‘he never has much luck’ in Cornish slang but it’s a phrase with lots of warmth to it. The Cornish Highstreet, based in Portreath, is selling this cute Dearovim mug, which has been crafted by Newquay-based The Cornish Gnome, as one of its great Cornish Christmas gift ideas 2022. The mug features the ‘Dearovim Cornish Nurse Gnome’ and the team at The Cornish Highstreet say it makes a ‘perfect gift for a caring hero’.

Price: £8

Where to buy: Online. Click the ‘Read More’ link…

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Christmas decoration gift: Pewter Robin by St Justin

On the seventh day of Christmas…

We buy this Pewter Robin Christmas Decoration for those people in our family who love to have an extra-special tree at this time of year. This elegant robin has been crafted by the team at St Justin jewellery and giftware brand, based in Penzance since 1984. The team tells Proper Cornwall that it’s a ‘high quality solid pewter decoration would make a lovely festive keepsake to be brought out every Christmas for years to come’. The bird comes in its own fully recyclable gift box alongside a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship.

Price: £25

Where to buy: The St Justin collection is sold in their own shop at the Wharfside Shopping Centre in Penzance. Alternatively, visit the website. Click the ‘Read More’ link below.

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Health and beauty gift: Festive Selection Box by Wild Cornish Soap

On the eighth day of Christmas…

We buy this Festive Selection Box by Wild Cornish Soap for, well, anyone. Because everyone should try these soaps. Artisan Rebecca Takeda-Frost, who is based in Perranwell Station near Falmouth, is behind the company. She tells us that you know ‘you are being kind to the planet’ with these soaps because the company donates some cash to environmental charities with each sale. These are all handmade soaps that use locally sourced ingredients. This selection box gift set includes four of the brand’s soaps. There could be Cornish Beer, Winter Spice, Festive Baubles or one of the other popular bars included.

Price: £10

Where to buy: Online. Click on the ‘Read More’ button.

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Cornish food gift: The Cornish Hamper Store’s Christmas Cream Tea Hamper

On the ninth day of Christmas…

We send this hamper to our friend who just adores Cornwall’s most famous culinary offering (apart from the pasty, of course…). The Christmas Cream Tea Hamper has been put together by The Cornish Hamper store, a family-run business in Redruth that specialises in luxury gifting experiences that create ‘that magical Cornish feeling’. The hamper is described as ‘a seasonal twist on the Cornish classic, packed with award-winning produce from all four corners’ of the Duchy, including freshly baked Prima Christmas scones, Rodda’s Cornish clotted brandy cream and Boddington’s Berries strawberry conserve, plus flavoursome tea bags and luxury mince pies.

Price: £24.95.

Where to buy: Buy the hamper online via the official shop website. Click ‘Read More’ to take you there…

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Arty calendar gift: 2023 Cornwall Calendar by John Dyer

On the 10th day of Christmas…

We send loads of these to our family members because who doesn’t need a calendar? Falmouth artist John Dyer has made this bright and beautiful A4-sized 2023 Cornwall Calendar that features 12 of his most gorgeous paintings. There’s St Michael’s Mount in there, as well as Bude, St Ives, Falmouth, Lizard Point and Botallack, among a handful of other Cornish locations too. Dyer tells us it’s ‘a perfect Christmas gift for family and friends who love the art of John Dyer or the coast of Cornwall’.

Price: £12.

Where to buy: Online only via The John Dyer Gallery website. Click on that yellow button below.

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Bookworm gift: ‘A Cornish Christmas Carol’ ebook by Liz Fenwick

On the 11th day of Christmas…

We give this ebook novella to our friend who loves Christmas stories, Cornwall and, well, ebooks. Liz Fenwick, who lives near Helford, is an award-winning novelist who originally hails from the USA but now lives and writes in the Duchy. ‘Her ‘A Cornish Christmas Carol’, first published in 2016, is a delicious take on the original Scrooge story by Dickens but it’s set in Cornwall and it’s riveting and we’ll say no more. Just get it in time for the big festive day!

Price: 99p.

Where to buy: Online. Find the different online shops that this book is sold on at the bottom of Fenwick’s dedicated page on her website. In short, click that yellow button below!

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Christmas tipple gift: Stargazy Cosmic Caramel Cornish Rum Liqueur

On the 12th day of Christmas…

We keep this tipple to ourselves, frankly. Maybe we’ll wrap up a bottle and send it to dad but this is best quaffed alone, feet up and next to a log fire when it’s icy outside. Stargazy rum is fab and this Cosmic Caramel Cornish Rum Liqueur is simply moreish. The team at The Rum & Crab Shack in St Ives who produce Stargazy tell Proper Cornwall that the liqueur is a blend of aged rum, Cornish sea salt with subtle hints of gorseflower, caramel and coconut. They say it makes for a great Christmas gift and it’s ‘ideal served as a shot’, ‘in an espresso martini’ or simply ‘sipped chilled’. Get quaffing then. Merry Christmas, one and all!

Price: £24.99.

Where to buy: Online. Click on the ‘Read More’ link below and you shall go to the ball…

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