Polperro Model Village

In Brief

Type: Model attraction
Suitable for: All the family
Address: Mill Hill, Polperro
Price: Adults £3, seniors £2, children £2
Dog friendly?: Yes

Why would anyone want to travel to a beautiful village and then head to a local attraction where you can look at the same village in miniature form instead of surveying the real thing outside? Because it’s cool, that’s why.

Seriously, discovering a beautiful place like Polperro and then seeing it as a much smaller model from a Cornish mythical giant’s eye view isn’t just cool. It’s extremely impressive and gives you a different sort of perspective than the one you’ll get outside. Polperro Model Village, which opened more than 60 years ago, is so impressive because it’s exactly to scale and includes all sorts of detail like fishing boats out in the water and fishermen standing in the streets. You really need to take some time exploring this village due to all of the minute details.

Once you’re done with the village, there’s also the Land of Legend attached to the main attraction. This focuses on all those wonderful Cornish myths and legends that stretch back centuries. There are seven stories displayed by miniature models that also use lights, sound and even animation. To cap off the entire experience, there’s a model railway that has a river, station, depot, vehicles and farms all around it. Again, become the giant and view it from above before looking closely at all the incredible detail.

Polperro Model Village is something a little different. It may not take too long to explore but it is worth seeing. Perhaps it’ll inspire you to try your hand at creating something similar. Only don’t expect your model village to be anything like this. There’s a reason they call the creators of Polperro Model Village expert artists.